Monthly Archives: March 2018

Thank you all for your understanding this morning, and a huge thank you to all the staff that made the journey to work, some leaving at 6am to ensure they could make it in!

The current weather is heavy snow, the forecast is that the snow willt now continue falling into this evening

As the snow continues, public transport and road conditions are causing significant delays for all. We have therefore taken the decision to close at ALL settings at 5pm today. This will allow staff, children and parents to get home safely.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and look forward to a warmer weather next week!



Nursery Late Opening, Friday 2nd March

Having taken into consideration numerous factors related to the adverse and unpredictable weather conditions we are experiencing, and the public transport infrastructure upon which our staff rely, in line with many other local schools and nurseries, we have pushed back our opening time tomorrow morning, Friday 2nd March.

The nurseries will open at 9am on the basis that our staff are able to commute to the nurseries safely

Please keep an eye on the blog for further updates. We appreciate your cooperation with this matter.